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🎉 Another successful social by the pool took place on August 12 🎉

The weather was just perfect while twenty-nine unit owners, including their family members, gathered by the pool for the third such social event this summer. It was a great turnout especially given that nearly every family staying here that day was represented. Appetizers were plentiful and, while dancing was non-existent, most attendees seemed to enjoy having the music playing in the background - at least, no complaints were heard😊

The youngest person attending was Poppy Anderson, who single-handedly brought the average age of the attendees significantly down as she was not quite one year old - being just one day shy of reaching this milestone🎂

Participants were Kaidy, Kyle and Poppy Anderson; Pierre and Lysiane Caron; Judi Clifford; Joanne Kent; Danielle, Joni and Larry Lief; Rick and Sally Robbins; Andrea, Bob and Laura Karp; Ash Rao; Catherine and David Rochester; Linda and Suzanne Sanson; Anthony and Carol Lynn Sharrino; Kirstin, Juan, Sean and Nathan Small; Louise Squitieri; and George and Sue Wilson.



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