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A Short History of the Narragansett at the Sea *


The NBTS Condominiums began as a hotel of the same name and was built by John Curtis in 1905. Although one of twelve resort hotels constructed between 1879 and 1920, it is the only large resort hotel structure which predated 1940 and still remains.  It stands on what is known as Oake's Neck, a rock promotory. It's advantageous location allowed it's guests, as it now does its current residents, to enjoy views of the sea from both of its sides.  The first portion of the hotel displayed Colonial Revival massing and decorative details, including a cross-gable roof, closed end and side gables, corner plasters, clapboarded siding, and components of the first story veranda. It had 60 rooms and just one bathroom. From 1928 to 1929 an addition of nearly identical size and embellishment was attached to the northwest end at a slight angle, doubling the guest capacity to approximately 200. The Narragansett was closed in 1979, sold by the Wentworth family, and converted to condominium units from 1982 to 1983 by new owner John J. Hoffman of Boston.


A second building was added, "Phase 2", in 198x, as well as two detached single cottages in 19xx. A tennis court was also built near the rear of the property and, directly facing the ocean, an inground heated swimming pool was constructed which is extremely popular in the summer time.



* Much of this information was obtained from "Summer by the Seaside" by B.F. Tolles, pps. 135-136


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