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We are very fortunate to have this beautifully constructed, secure and lighted bicycle shed built by MJ. There are 20 spaces available for bikes and 43 units whose owners can potentially make use of the shed. The Board's goal is to manage the space in an equitable manner. To that end, we have prepared bike registration forms and a set of rules. These are subject to change as we learn what our owners’ true needs are.


The bike shed is available from approximately May through September. The rest of the year it is used to store the pool furniture. We are assuming that its use only needs to be managed from June 24 through August 31.


Bikes are stored on both sides of the shed. On the right as you enter, bikes are hung on one of 9 hooks by their front wheels and on the left side bikes are rolled into one of 11 slots. Only 1 bike is allowed per slot. 

The Association also plans to purchase an outside bike rack so that those who use their bikes multiple times a day can choose to temporarily leave them outdoors until they are done using them for the day.


Bike locks are suggested. The Board is not responsible for any damage or loss.


1.     The maximum number of spots that any owner can be assigned is equal to the number of adults plus the number of children living with them.

2.     The bike shed is for the temporary storage of owners’ bikes while they are present at the Narragansett.

3.     Bikes must first be registered with MJ using the form provided on the link below or via email with the Board giving the brand, color, style, and wheel size of each before using the shed. The purpose of registering is to identify the owners of the bikes.

4.     If an owner is going to be away for two weeks or more, their bikes need to be removed from the shed.

5.     The first 4 to 6 spots on the left are reserved for children’s bikes and are designated with a monkey key chain hanging on the wall. The remaining spaces on the left should be used by anyone who has difficulty hanging a bike or when no hooks are left.

6.     Owner's guests may not use the shed except during periods when there is clearly sufficient space available as determined by MJ. An owner's need will always supersede that of someone else's guest.

7.     To reserve space from June 24 to August 31, send an email to the Board,, with your anticipated starting and ending dates and the number of spaces desired. PLEASE USE “Bike” AS THE SUBJECT.


These rules are subject to change when the level of usage becomes more apparent.

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