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Evidence that The Narragansett opened in 1904

The Kennebunk Free Library in town has just announced that they digitized old historic newspapers from the Kennebunk area. I was particularly interested in the Seaside Echo which was published starting in July, 1901 and was a 4 page newspaper. It was only published in the summers and "is devoted to the interests of Kennebunkport, Kennebunk Beach, and Cape Porpoise." The library's collection ends in September of 1907. I searched through many of their issues trying to find an article that would pinpoint when The Narragansett opened for the first time. The only reference to its opening was mentioned in a weekly column on page 2 of their July 15, 1905 edition in which it was stated the Narragansett opened in the summer of 1904. Here is the reference.



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